Welcome To Grey Owl Estates

Westman Communications Update

With frost still in the ground, WCG will not be starting restorations for at least a couple of more weeks. There is a lot of mess left that should have been cleaned up in the fall.  Over the next couple of weeks, please keep an eye out for poor roads with sink holes/ruts/mud.  WCG will be excavating for the next month or so.   Should you have access issues to your property prior to WCG putting it back to the way it was, please let us know.


Grey Owl Estates is a 212 unit condominium on the southern edge of Riding Mountain National Park.

During the summer the area is home to cabin-goers from across Manitoba and Canada.

The condominium development is named after Archibald Belaney, better known as Grey Owl, a British citizen who gained notoriety by assuming a First Nations identity and who was a prominent conservationist, working with Parks Canada in the 1930’s.  You can read more about Grey owl here .