Cabin Owner Information


As cabin owners we are fortunate enough to own a residence that is shared with black bears. With this ownership comes responsibility to ensure that humans and bears remain safe. Likely due to a cold start to the cabin year, there have been many bears in and near Grey Owl Estates.

Please do your part to eliminate the needless destruction of bears and protect our residents’ safety by doing the following.

  • Removing birdfeeders from your yard.
  • Not feeding pets or storing pet food outside.
  • Cleaning bbqs regularly.
  • Do not compost meat, oils or dairy.
  • Place garbage in provided containers and do not store garbage on decks or in sunrooms.
  • Maintain a clean yard and fire pit area and keep your grass mowed regularly.
  • If you cannot tolerate bears in your yard remove fruit trees and gardens.

Provincially, bears may be destroyed after their first offence. Click here for more information.


Please use the garbage cans provided. Too many times board members or Cliff (our maintenance man) have found garbage placed outside of the garbage bins when the garbage bins have not been full. To this point of the summer the garbage bins have not been entirely full.

Often garbage is piled more heavily on one side of the bin or the other and with minimal effort more garbage can be placed in the bins.

Should a bin actually become full please remember that Grey Owl has multiple bins and place garbage in another bin. Also, garbage bins are for bagged residential garbage. Furniture, ladders, BBQ’s construction materials and similar waste should be hauled to the landfill and not placed in the bins.

It has been brought to our attention this summer and in the past that non Grey Owl owners have been using our garbage bins. If you see this happening we want to remind folks that they can take down a vehicle license plate number and report it to the RCMP.

The RCMP have indicated that they will pursue this with the offending people. The board will also continue to address this issue in the future.