Common Elements

As a condominium, Grey Owl contains a number of areas that are considered common elements. These include the various green spaces as well as the roadways. These areas are specifically governed by the Condominium Act and our Grey Owl Condominium By-laws.

We want to remind all unit owners that parking on common elements or building of any structures on common elements is not allowed. Section 19 of the condominium by-laws outlines specific rules and regulations concerning the common elements. Specifically, section 19d) states in part “No motor vehicle, boat, trailer, snow mobile, mechanical toboggan, machinery or equipment of any kind shall be parked on any part of the common elements..”

We encourage all unit owners to read, understand and abide by the condominium bylaws around the use of common elements. The board will actively pursue those owners who contravene the by-laws and encroach on common elements. This may include written letters and possibly legal action if an encroachment issue is not adequately dealt with.

Your cooperation and support in these matters is greatly appreciated for the enjoyment and safety of all unit owners in Grey Owl.